ENABL enters partnership with HJTND 

for stronger entry into the Northeast Asia market

HJTND is experienced in large-scale heavy lifting equipment

HJTND brings +30 years of experience in heavy lifting, shipbuilding, and oil and gas industry into the partnership. Their primary locations are in South Korea.

HJTND’s projects are defined by cutting-edge technology, providing strong competencies in structural design, exceptional manufacturing, and test facilities for heavy lifting equipment.

CEO Søren Kvorning, ENABL, and President Jung Hoiin, HJTND signed the memorandum of understanding during their visit to Denmark.

“This partnership will be mutually beneficial, delivering high-end engineering solutions in collaboration from design to delivery and testing. We are looking forward to this cooperation, as together we will have a stronger entry into the Northeast Asia market”
Søren Kvorning, CEO ENABL 

ENABL contributes its extensive +22 years of wind industry experience, high-complexity engineering expertise, technical advice, and sales support to the partnership.

HJTND contributes its manufacturing and test facilities for large-scale steel constructions, heavy lifting experience, structural design experience, sales, and yard work.

ESG strategy to decarbonize by partnering with local companies

Driven by our ESG strategy, ENABL aims to expand manufacturing capacity closer to our customers in order to decarbonize.

This partnership with HJTND aligns with our strategy and enhances our presence in the Northeast Asia wind industry market, promoting sustainable growth.