Lifting Modules for Kazakhstan's TCO project

Heungjin T&D has successfully delivered a 300-ton block loader to NASCO Shipyard in the United States, commissioned by DSME. Particularly, for on-site commissioning, our President Mr. Jung ryang and Executive Director Mr. Jung hoi in personally visited the NASCO Shipyard to oversee the delivery, installation, and commissioning.

The 300-ton block loader is intended for use in the construction of a 265m long, 35m wide container ship, which is planned to operate on the LA Long Beach to Hawaii route. 

Heungjin T&D holds a market share of over 90% in the essential field of block loaders for shipbuilding. Recognized for this experience and expertise, Heungjin's block loaders are operational in leading shipyards around the world.

"The officials at NASCO Shipyard have expressed very high satisfaction, not only with the product's quality but also with the excellent service provided by Heungjin T&D. They hope for a continued partnership with Heungjin as a reliable supplier in the future."