Delivery of Tower Pillars to Imabari Shipyard in Japan

The production of tower piles ordered by Shinco in October has been completed and delivered to various facilities within Imabari Shipyard in Japan. The tower piles delivered this time were produced in three different types and were successfully transported to Marugame Shipyard, Saijo Shipyard, and other locations.

While the shipbuilding industry in Japan has been facing challenges and has been overshadowed by the South Korean shipbuilding industry, there are signs of a recovery in recent times. This indicates that there may be demand for various facility and equipment supplies used within shipyards in Japan.

"Heungjin T&D is currently focusing its business through Imabari Group, one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Japan. Imabari Group possesses shipyards throughout Japan, and Heungjin T&I is actively engaged in concentrated sales efforts to these shipyards."

"In our strategy to penetrate the Japanese market, Imabari Shipyard is positioned as a crucial focal point. We believe that with their excellent technological expertise and quality standards, we can extend our presence to the global market."