The production processes for each part of the SHIP TRANSPORTER SYSTEM, which will be used in the Zvezda Shipyard in Russia, are being diligently carried out.

The TRANSPORTER CAR SYSTEM, which was commissioned from Samwoo Heavy Industries in April, is intended for use at the Zvezda Shipyard in Russia. It comprises four parts, totaling 532 sets.

This equipment serves as a land-based system for transporting and launching ships or large structures without requiring separate lifting equipment. It is already being employed in numerous shipyards worldwide to facilitate the movement of large blocks or the transfer of land-constructed vessels to floating docks.

In May, representatives from the ordering party, Russia's Zvezda Shipyard, visited our company for product inspection and coating inspections. They expressed high satisfaction with our management and product quality.

This project is scheduled to continue production and delivery until September. We hope that all our employees take care of their health, especially in the hot weather, and successfully complete this project.