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Company Profile

Customer satisfaction is like life and the company

the sole developer of BLOCK LOADER and SCAFFOLDING

HEUNGJIN T&D Co., LTD. motto is " I'm a product. To compete with the product." Under the motto oriented and moving up to top of the world. In particular was the flagship BLOCK LOADER success of HEUNGJIN T&D Co., LTD. is based on the share of the shipbuilding technology of Korea's top shipbuilding markets around the world, including expansion into China, Brazil, Romania, In addition, based on a solid technical strength and experience of our company through its own research and development is taking the lead in the shipbuilding process improvement.

As well as the selection of future growth engines in the marine leisure industry with new projects, By developing the nation's only since 2010 Wooden Boat “The sea of the world, there is our company Wooden Boat” Moving up from the center of the goal of future marine leisure industry.