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20, October, 2023

HJTND 25th Anniversary Celebration
HJTND celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special event where all employees gathered in one place to mark the founding anniversary.

14, August, 2023

ENABL enters partnership with HJTND for stronger entry into the Northeast Asia market
HJTND, a korean-based steel structures company, visited ENABL to enter a partnership agreement.

30, April, 2022
Development of Pipe Reappearnce Equipment
Through the development of PIPE REAPPEARANCE EQUIPMENT, HJTND has improved the efficiency of shipyard piping production.

16, March, 2020
SEMBCORP MARINE 15,000 Ton Goliath Crane BLOCK LOADER Delivery
HJTND has successfully developed and delivered a Block loader to be installed on Singapore's SEMBCORP MARINE's world's largest 15,000-ton Golitath crane.

20, August, 2019
2000ton Transport car
Delivery and installation of a 2,000-ton Transporter Car for Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME)