Heungjin T&D Co., Ltd. 25th Anniversary Founding Day

HJTND celebrated its 25th anniversary with a founding day event.

On October 20th, HJTND  celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event held under the congratulations of former employees.

In the morning, a guest speaker was invited to give a lecture to employees on the topic of 'Empathetic and Effective Communication for Collaborative Organizations.' 

In the afternoon, the event continued at a restaurant.

The founding day event recognized the dedication of employees through awards such as long-service awards, recognition for contributions, and exemplary performance awards. Chairman Jeongyang delivered an address to boost the morale of former employees.

Over the past 25 years, HJTND  has shown remarkable growth and resilience, overcoming various challenges like global economic crises and the shipbuilding industry's downturn. We have reached the position we are today. Looking forward to the next 25 years, we hope it will be a leap towards HJTND 's global presence. We wish for a prosperous future.